Self Dumping Hoppers

Self-Dumping Hoppers make the transfer of waste from inside your plant to your dumpster a clean, simple, and safe process. They are also known for saving labor costs, increasing operating efficiency, and reducing the possibility of injuries.

​​​Our self-dumping hoppers have been designed for ultimate durability. Our unique rocker system allows for longer product life, and the hopper will not fall off the base like other models. Along with many other unique features, we are confident you will find great value in our product.

Built with 7gauge steel. Structural steel base. Typically used for scrap metals. Available in 2yd, 3yd, 4yd, and 5yd.

Built with 12gauge steel and 7gauge formed steel base. Typically used for waste and other light bulk materials. Available in 1yd, 2yd, and 3yd.

Other Options/Features

  • Open-ended hoppers
  • Retaining chain & bracket
  • Casters
  • Stackable
  • And more!
Self Dumping Hopper
Self Dumping Hopper

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